- FAQsWhat makes a fit website?

In our view, a fit website is one that is accomplishing its owners goals. From another perspective, some might say that a fit website is one that looks great and is easy to use for a user. This is also a factor in making a fit website.

In order to achieve a fit status, overall a website that is achieving its goals will also be a fit looking website and is easy to use.

Why is it important to have a fit website?

With so many websites on the internet today, a poor website will most definitely lose its owner business. Most internet users will click straight past a poorly designed website onto the next website in seconds.

Thinking about your own web surfing habits – if you open a website that presents you with miles and miles of text and you were looking for photography examples, you’d click away pretty quickly.

A fit website see more customers coming to visit, and will also convert better, be it phone calls, product orders, etc.

Does a website need to be fancy to be fit?

Not necessarily – it is of our view that if a website functions well and converts customers into leads or achieves the goals to set out by the website owner, then we believe this is a fit website.

A simplistic website that is easy to use, navigate and provides a pleasant experience for a user is a fit website. A website such as this will outperform a site that has had thousands of dollars spent on it and has a thousand pages and lots of graphic designs and is complicated and cumbersome for a user to navigate.

What else makes a “fit” website?

Another important factor to website health is the speed of the website. Nobody likes waiting these days and if your website is slow to load, you will lose visitors in no time. Even more so if your visitors are coming from a mobile device.