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Cons Of Epoxy Floors

cons of epoxy floorsEpoxy floors are becoming more popular as time goes by, but that does not mean that this flooring solution is perfect. Before you can decide to have to this type of floor installed in your working institution or home, here are a few cons of epoxy floors that you should be aware of.

The Cons OF Epoxy Floors.

1. Slippery.

Epoxy floors might be skid resistant when they are dry, but when the floor is wet it becomes slippery. That is why it is advisable that you texturize epoxy floors to minimize the risk of falling when the floor is wet. However, this will only cost you more since you will be required to do it regularly.

2. Temporary.

Even though epoxy floors are durable, they are not a permanent flooring solution. That means you will have to replace the floor after using it for some time. Furthermore, epoxy floors can easily get damaged when heavy items are dropped on the floor. When this happens, cracks easily start to develop and the damage can spread if not repaired as soon as it is noticed.

3. Sensitive And Difficult To Install.

Installing epoxy floors is not an easy task and you must be a trained expert to do this kind of work. If the floor is not installed correctly, then it does not last as long as it should and you will be forced to installed a new one. Moreover, epoxy floors coating gets damaged very easily and can only be applied when the moisture levels are very low.

4. Need Special Products For Maintenance.

Besides the cost of installing this beautiful floor, you also need to add the cost of maintenance in your budget. That is because you required to buy special products for cleaning the surface. Without these special chemicals and cleaning acids, it becomes difficult to get rid of tough stains. Furthermore, you are also required to buy protective gear as well such as eyewear, protective gloves, and breathing devices to protect you from inhaling these chemicals.

5. Smell.

Epoxy floors also have very strong fumes. Especially when the surface is wet. That is why it is advisable that you keep the surface dry to minimize the smell. You should also keep distance when the coating is being applied especially if you do not have a breathing device.


By acknowledging the cons of epoxy floors, you will be able to decide whether this type of flooring solution is best for you or not.