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Could Installing Solar Panels Cause any Damage to my Roof?

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Solar panels have more benefits than they do disadvantages. The bulk of people find that solar panels boost the efficiency of their property with the aid of always reaching their required electricity needs. At the same time, the installation price is high. They assist us by saving money as other energy sources such as natural gas are much more expensive. It is common to find that installing solar panels eventually saves people money. If considering solar panels, it is good to consider and comprehend all the advantages and drawbacks.

It’s common to have solar panels placed onto the roof of a residence, this serves to distract from or disguise their presence. Almost all house owners desire for their new solar panels to not be visible as they value the aesthetics of their home, especially the roof. If a roof isn’t in great condition, pests and water can easily make their way into the home. It is vital to always be cautious when installing something onto your roof. Thinking about that, getting solar panels on your roof can result in further damages if it is not in great shape. Ensure that you consider all the following points;

What Condition is Your Roof in?

Roofs which might be already weakened by damage are much easier to severely damage. If everyday maintenance is not carried out on your roof, it is critical that you keep in mind the benefits and downsides to solar panels. Problems which may be present on your roof and will get worse after putting in solar panels include; weakened regions of the roof, any holes and any missing shingles.

It is vital to address these troubles before putting in solar panels. Pressure is applied in your roof when solar panels are installed and this pressure can result in the above troubles becoming worse. An accountable homeowner ensures that these troubles are taken care of.

Complete all Repairs

It is the most advantageous to make sure that all required repairs are performed before installing any solar panels. Additionally, this should be done alongside a professional roofer to ensure your roof is thoroughly inspected prior to getting solar panels, this will immediately make any issues known and save you money in the end.

By having these issues known and consequently solved will eliminate any future problems with both your solar panels and roof. Remember that a damaged roof will result in more and more issues than just your roof needing small repairs. Vermin and mould issues can also arise due to this and these further cause unwanted damage to your roof. These issues can all be solved by a professional roofer. When all of these have been made aware, you will be able to effortlessly install solar panels onto your roof.

Making sure that your roof is in great condition will assist you in avoiding any issues that could possibly arise. Consider whether getting solar panels will be safe in your situation by asking your local professional roofer and pondering all the benefits and disadvantages.

3 Things To Look For In A Roof When Purchasing A Home

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Are you in the market for a home because if you are, one of the things you’ll want to look at is the roof. You’re probably wondering what to look for in a roof when purchasing a home. If you are, then continue to read on because we’re going to tell you three things to look for.

1. Ventilation System

A roof has to have a good ventilation system because this allows for the circulation of air around the roof cavity. The last thing you want is to buy a home that has a roof that doesn’t have an adequate ventilation system. If the system is poor, then you could end up dealing with major issues at some point in the future.

A poor ventilation system can lead to many issues. The more issues that arise, the more money you’ll spend on repairing it. If you’re not sure whether or not the roof has a decent system, then hire a professional such as Roof Restoration South Adelaide to inspect it for you.

2. Leaks And Breaks

If a roof is prone to leakage, then you are only asking for trouble if you don’t have it fixed. This is why you want to make sure the roof of the home you’re potentially buying doesn’t have any leaks in it, and make sure the roof is in good condition and has not been damaged.

Fixing leaks is important because roof leaks can damage the interior of your home. If a roof is damaged and not repaired, things typically get worse. Always inspect the roof for leaks, broken or missing tiles, and then you can decide whether or not you should buy the home.

3. Mould

Check the roof for mould because mould is bad for numerous reasons, with one that it has a bad smell. It is also a sign that there is possibly a leak somewhere within the roof. Not only that, but mould can make a roof look unattractive. The good news is you can hire a professional to remove the mould from the roof and make necessary repairs to it, if you go ahead and purchase the home anyways.

When you buy a home, make sure the roof has a good ventilation system. Always look for leaks and breaks too, and don’t forget about inspecting it for mould. If you’re not too sure how to spot these things, then your best bet is to hire a professional roofer.

What A New Homeowner Should Know About Their Roof

Roof-Restoration-Roof-Restoration-PenrithIf you just bought a home and are new to owning homes, you need to pay attention to your roof. You want to get it checked out by professionals regularly and you want to make sure you keep it in good shape. Otherwise, it could cause you a lot of expensive problems in the long run.

You’re going to want to find out whether or not the roof is in good shape when you have a new home. You can hire a roofer to come out to do an inspection for you so you can see if there are issues or find out that everything is okay with it. It’s best to get an inspection done right away if you haven’t had one done since you’ve bought the house. In fact, you should get an inspection done on a regular basis just in case something goes wrong with your roof.

If there has been any bad weather in your area, you should have someone come out to make sure your roof is okay. From storms to days where the wind is blowing hard, anything can happen to your roof when the weather is not cooperating. You want to keep an eye out for things like leaks after particularly bad storms or really windy days and you should have a professional out to look at the roof even if you don’t see any problems in case there are any that are small and need to be patched up.

It’s better to take on roofing issues when they are small than to wait for them to get worse over time. It costs a lot more money to take care of a bad roofing issue than it does to take care of a small one that doesn’t require that much work to get taken care of. You’re going to want to research your options when it comes to the different people that can help you with your roof. Find a service that is well reviewed and that you can trust to let you know whether you have roofing issues or not.

There are a lot of roof problems that can happen if you don’t take care of your roof on a regular basis. Make sure you have a professional come out to check out your roof for you a few times a year. Once you find a problem, get it taken care of as quickly as possible.

Roofing Sutherland Shire

Roof Restoration Sutherland Shire is a web based campaign that is a very new project. This particular client was given an overview of the marketing method and tried to create their own version but ended up not being able to fulfil the SEO part of the campaign and it was handed over with a fresh domain to get the full marketing package.

The team has been sending us articles on various topics regarding roofing. The latest was about the types of materials used in roofing. You can see an exert below.

With regards to renovating a residence and replacing the rooftop, there are several choices on the market. While many of the roofing materials could have no trouble keeping the rain out, the longevity and cost for each material vary drastically. That being said, listed here are the most popular varieties of roofing materials:

Metal Roofing

This is one of the most typical forms of roofing. It’s no more limited by warehouses and can actually look amazingly stylish in almost any house. Metal is actually a fire-resistant material and is not going to attract some of the wood-boring insects which are renowned for attacking homes. Metal roofs will not be the easiest to setup and may be about the expensive side, however it is among the most eco-friendly choices to use on a roof.

Asphalt Shingles

Ideally known as composite shingles, asphalt shingles are some of the most common roofing materials out there. These tiles are generally made of a layer of fiberglass mat coated with asphalt and mineral granules. It is an all-purpose form of roofing material that is certainly practical for almost all houses. Asphalt shingles are quite durable and most of them come with a warranty that lasts approximately 30 years or maybe more. These are around the easy side when it comes to installation and are generally easily sourced.

Slate Shingles

These are created from real stone and maybe probably the most attractive in this particular list. This product is relatively easy to get and is also easily cut into thin sheets. However, setting up slate shingles is advisable left to your qualified professional as it could be hard and time-consuming to work with.

Rolled Roofing

This can be a inexpensive and practical roofing choice for the outbuilding or comparable structures. Rolled roofing can also be used on low-slope roofs on residential houses. It’s among the quickest methods that result in long-term roofing, but it is not one of the most appealing. It comes down in rolls around 100 sq feet and it’s very effective at stopping rain from dealing with.

Green Roof

This is an ideal option for those searching for more unorthodox or distinct form of roofing. This sort of roof is first installed with assorted layers of any waterproof membrane and a green substance is added later. A green roof may be used to grow plants, provide thermal insulation, absorb rainwater and set oxygen into the air.

These are generally not the only real roofing materials around, however are certainly the most famous.

A big thanks to Peter and the team for the help with this one.

Roof Restorations & Roof Replacements Narre Warren

Roof Restoration Narre Warren Screenshot

You may be interested to know about an web based campaign that is only somewhat new and located in Narre Warren in Melborne, Victoria. The campaign website, which focuses on Roof Restoration and Roof Replacements in Narre Warren, has started to gain traction and popularity in the region.

A recent article published by the team discusses mould on roofs, and reasons for using a professional company to clean your roof rather than attempting it yourself.

Here is the general gist of the article (courtesy of Roof Restoration Narre Warren).

If your roof is looking like it has seen better days and covered with mould, or even moss and algae for that matter, then getting the mould removed could do wonders for the appearance of your house and potentially add value to your property. If you are considering removing the mould, here are some pointers to help you do so.

The first and only pointer is – get the professionals to do it! Removing mould (dirt, algae, moss, etc) from your roof is a difficult task. Any reputable roofing company has the proper gear to carry out this task effectively and efficiently (without damage to people, the environment, and the roof). Most importantly, they have the safety equipment to prevent accidents (such as falling off the roof) and maintain practices in compliance with regulations.

Another reason to have a professional roofer clean your roof is that any defects found with your roof that are not noticeable to the untrained eye could be picked up early, and repaired before they become big issues requiring expensive roof repairs. A decent roofer will carry out an inspection of your roof prior to doing any work to determine the best course of action. Any issues or recommended work to be done will be discussed with you.

Efficient cleaning of a roof requires expensive equipment. A commercial quality pressure cleaner will normally be enough to clean your roof and remove any mould. The important thing here is the cleaning of the roof without harsh and dangerous chemicals. It goes without saying that this is so much better for the environment, your roof, and you and your family. If you were to attempt to clean the roof yourself, with out a pressure cleaner you would have no choice but to use chemicals.

Using chemicals, without a pressure cleaner, will require some sort of physical scrubbing work. Combine this with a wet roof, can result in a high risk operation for you – especially if you’re not experienced being on top of a roof. So by trying to clean a roof yourself, you could in fact be risking your own life. Hiring the services of a professional roofing company will eliminate these risks, result in a professional job and a great looking roof.

Roofing Tumblr

Lets have a look at a very simple setup of a tumblr Roofing web 2.0 that is in its early stages of development. The url is :

roofing example north melbourne

This tumblr post is also part of a much larger social media campaign. This has been setup for a local roofing company in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria Australia. They are using a variety of platforms to promote their services and the tumblr blog will be a key part of that strategy.

As of today it looks as if it looks like just the basics are setup for posting to regularly but there is a minimum of work done to the site so far. One of the main benefits of the tumblr blog is that it can be used for a wide range of functions such as video and image sharing, blog posts and simple bookmarking.

This initial post simply explains the major services such as Roof Restorations, Roof Replacements, Roof Repairs and the major areas in the city that serviced. The top three suburbs include Bundoora, St Helena, Watsonia. Over time this will be built out to include all of the suburbs that are resviced as well as a full description with images of of all of the services that are provided.

Slate Roofing Sydney

Another fine local roofing business, Slate Roofing Sydney, has had a design project created to keep up with the competitor in the market place. It seems that Slate roofing is a particularly competitive industry with a few other local companies spending big on their online marketing presence.

This particular client already has a website built around another aspect of his business which is tile roof repair. The main focus for himself and his team is to move as much to slate roofing as possible. He is a third generation slate professional and much prefers this type of work.

We were provided a range of roofing photos taken in the Sydney area and ranging from slate roof repairs, slate roof restoration and new or replacement slate roofs. These images came in very handy when designing the site and allowed us to focus a page on each of his favored services.

We have used a very simple design for this project as we have found they have a better conversion rate when it comes to the older demographic of this particular market. The site features 8 banners on the landing page to highlight the beautiful work and look of the slate roofs.

As this is a service area business we also include a map of the service area which in this particular case in the entire Sydney area. This is an embedded Google map and is completely interactive.

We also use the simple contact form on not only the homepage but many other pages to make it as easy as possible for people to request a quote from our client. To add to this we have included some full length banners on the landing page that have an image and quick link the contact details of the client.

We have also created a number of social media account for this projects and have their embedded links in the footer of each page.

This client has some of the best reviews and feedback of all the clients that we work with making it a real pleasure to design and market on his behalf.

If you are in need of any Slate Roofing Sydney work, please do not hesitate to visit the sure and give our client a call.



Roof Restoration Brisbane

Roof Restoration BrisbaneTo find a premier roofing system business in Brisbane with impressive levels of service, you’ll be forgiven for believing you have an easy task on your hands. Sure, there are some very reputable companies out there but how do you know you’ve found a great roofing company to work with or a bad one until it’s too late. Well, fear no more, the group at LLM have actually coupled with one of the best roofing contractors in Brisbane to bring you Roofing Restoration Brisbane.

A brand-new project called Roofing Restoration Brisbane has been carefully constructed to service the roof requirements of the Brisbane population. It has actually included a complete setup consisting of site, social networks, and associated regional directory sites.

We are all really fired up about this brand-new project, there’s rarely a chance for a project in Brisbane and being among the nation’s most gorgeous capitals, well, lets hope it is among numerous projects to be developed there.

These guys offer all roofing services.

Roof Restoration Brisbane deal many roof associated services. They can deal with any kind of roof type that you may have either being tiled or metal.

A few of the service offerings consist of;
  • All roofing systems repair works
  • All roofing systems clean and paint
  • All roof replacements, new roofs, re-roofs
  • Installations, replacements, and repairs of types of gutter systems

To offer a more precise price quote, our experts will come to your house and check your roofing system to identify the scope of works needed. It likewise reduces any surprises as a lot of concerns and faults will be found throughout the examination stage.

How we can assist

Rather than waste hours and hours seeking an appropriate roofing contractor to perform your work, give us a call as we actually have discovered the very best roofing contractor in Brisbane. We can say this because we have a massive belief in our relationship with Roof Restoration Brisbane and we are reliant on our great reputation.

Our group have in fact been handling the team at Roof Restoration Brisbane for a a long time and are convinced that we have in fact found the best roof specialists in Brisbane. It stays in our interests to recommend a decent organisation as we rely on repeat service and beneficial examinations.

Take the threat from employing

Continuing, the relationship developed between LLM is one that has actually been forged for the long term. This can just be attained by dealing with trusted businesses.

You can be guaranteed that the danger of working with a substandard tradie has actually been gotten rid of if you go through our collaboration with Roofing Repair Brisbane.

Roof Restoration Newcastle - Roof Restoration is proud to present Roof Restoration Newcastle’s website. Located in Australia’s most populated state of New South Wales, Newcastle is it’s second largest city.

Local roofing company, Roof Restoration Newcastle developed their website (click here to visit their website) to expand their already thriving roofing business. Newcastle is geographically a large area so they already have teams of roofers on the road. The business simply decided they have a great model and to grow.

And wow, what a website. Straight up on landing on the homepage you are presented with a closeup of a house and its colorbond roof with a background of a wonderful clear blue sky. This gives a welcoming feeling and the visitor immediate feels they are in the right place. The phone number has been placed in the top right hand corner on the blue sky background making it stand out and easy to find. If the visitor wants to call, they’ll find the phone number and call without any friction – meaning the website will achieve more phone calls and thus meet the goals of the business owners.

If the visitor is not inclined in to call, then above the fold a simple contact us form is present on the home page. The visitor is welcomed to fill in the form as it is inviting with a soft-blue background.

A slight scroll down the home page and the visitor is presented with a list of services that the roofing company provides. If you’re living in Newcastle and need a roofer, this company has you covered.

Services provided by Roof Restoration Newcastle include;

  • Roof restorations
  • Roof replacements
  • Roof repairs
  • Roof cleaning and roof painting
  • Roof inspections / reporting
  • Metal and colorbond roof repairs
  • Gutter replacements and installations.

Following the list of services, the visitor is presented with some further detailed information on who they are, why a roof restoration is needed, roof restoration costs and timeframe expectations. Within minutes a visitor can ascertain that this company knows what they’re doing and be able to make an educated decision on engaging their services.

A frequently answered questions (FAQs) page has been created to further help a visitor understand the process of engaging this roofing company and exists to provide information about roofing matters. Such matters include defining what a roof restoration is, reasons to get a roof restoration, roof restoration costs, and information on roof replacements.

The FAQs page conveniently includes a YouTube video for visitors requiring further overview information. In addition, should the visitor have questions and queries, a contact form has been placed on the page right under the video.

Here’s the video for those interested in seeing a simple, effective video made to help site visitors; rates this site an effective mechanism for both business owner and visitor to connect and conduct business.

Roof Restoration Geelong - Roof Restoration GeelongLocal roofing business, Roof Restoration Geelong, had a website created to ensure they kept with the times and their competitors. Many trades and services businesses can be slow to adapt to newer technology which can severely impact their businesses. Roof Restoration Geelong became awake to this fact and quickly moved to do something about it.

The website features are simple yet effective. Components are placed strategically on the website to help a visitor accomplish the goal of calling the business. For example, the phone number is easily found being displayed in multiple locations on most pages. The phone number also features click to call functionality for the majority of visitors that view the site from a mobile device.

Upon landing on the homepage, a prominent banner very quickly tells the visitor where they’re at and what the website is about. This clear message to the visitor allows them to confirm they have found what they’re looking for in a split second.

A map of Geelong and the roofing service area shows visitors if they are within the service area of the business. The homepage features a picture of a Geelong landmark below the map which makes visitors feel familiar and reinforces the local aspect.

This site features a YouTube video on the homepage – a very nifty move to help visitors who would prefer to watch an overview/about video rather than read the text.

A very easy and simple Contact Form exists on the Contact page that allow visitors who do not wish to call a simple method to get in contact with the business. The form can easily be submitted in a minute or less.

The site does a great job of conveying what services Roof Restoration Geelong provides. Amongst their major service of restoring roofs, other services they provide include;

  • Roof replacements
  • New roofs
  • Roof restorations
  • Roof cleaning
  • Roof painting
  • Gutter & downpipe installations
  • Roof assessment & reporting
  • Metal roofs & colorbond roofs
  • Tiled, terracotta roofs

The team at Roof Restoration Geelong provide great service and even offer free inspections and quotes. Hard to beat. Great business, great local website.

Visit their website at

Image Credit: By Marcus Wong Wongm (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons