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Slate Roofing Sydney

Another fine local roofing business, Slate Roofing Sydney, has had a design project created to keep up with the competitor in the market place. It seems that Slate roofing is a particularly competitive industry with a few other local companies spending big on their online marketing presence.

This particular client already has a website built around another aspect of his business which is tile roof repair. The main focus for himself and his team is to move as much to slate roofing as possible. He is a third generation slate professional and much prefers this type of work.

We were provided a range of roofing photos taken in the Sydney area and ranging from slate roof repairs, slate roof restoration and new or replacement slate roofs. These images came in very handy when designing the site and allowed us to focus a page on each of his favored services.

We have used a very simple design for this project as we have found they have a better conversion rate when it comes to the older demographic of this particular market. The site features 8 banners on the landing page to highlight the beautiful work and look of the slate roofs.

As this is a service area business we also include a map of the service area which in this particular case in the entire Sydney area. This is an embedded Google map and is completely interactive.

We also use the simple contact form on not only the homepage but many other pages to make it as easy as possible for people to request a quote from our client. To add to this we have included some full length banners on the landing page that have an image and quick link the contact details of the client.

We have also created a number of social media account for this projects and have their embedded links in the footer of each page.

This client has some of the best reviews and feedback of all the clients that we work with making it a real pleasure to design and market on his behalf.

If you are in need of any Slate Roofing Sydney work, please do not hesitate to visit the sure and give our client a call.