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Salt Water Chlorinator

FitMarker - Salt Water ChlorinatorThis one is a little bit different to the sites we normally look at. This is an eCommerce site which specialises in helping people find and choose a salt water chlorinator. The site was established in early 2016 and is an Amazon affiliated site which describes product information in detail and also has some very informative articles.

A salt water chlorinator basically generates chlorine from the salt that is dissolved in the water of swimming pools, spas and/or hot tubs. There is a component known as a chlorinator cell that is typically made from titanium that creates a chemical reaction through the use of electrolysis. This chemical reaction generates chlorine from the salt water and is fed back into the pool (this is a very simple explanation, for a more detailed explanation check out this Wiki Page). The beauty of this system is that the salt is not actually consumed from the water thus removing the need to continuously add salt to the water. They were originally mostly used in Australia and then taken up by New Zealand and now they’re catching on in the US.

This website is not only a different to the style of websites we normally look at, but it also is based on a different platform. Most sites nowadays are based on WordPress, however this site is built using Fresh Store Builder, a product designed to build sites specialising in selling Amazon products.

Each product that has been added has been carefully researched and detailed information has been provided for each product on the website. Only products that have positive ratings and reviews on Amazon have been selected for the site. This is to ensure that the site is only responsible for selling quality products and customers can rest assured products bought through the site are of the highest quality. This also explains why there is a relatively low number of products on the site compared to some sites that have 100’s of products.

Articles have been written for the purposes of providing information to the consumer about how chlorinators work, and how to maintain them, also reasons why to use one.

For those visitors who don’t wish to read too much text, there is a very basic/simple video on the home page that outlines the benefits of using a chlorine generator.

All in all, the site is probably not the most prettiest site but it is certainly easy navigate, and the articles are very informative.