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Salt Water Chlorinator

FitMarker - Salt Water ChlorinatorThis one is a little bit different to the sites we normally look at. This is an eCommerce site which specialises in helping people find and choose a salt water chlorinator. The site was established in early 2016 and is an Amazon affiliated site which describes product information in detail and also has some very informative articles.

A salt water chlorinator basically generates chlorine from the salt that is dissolved in the water of swimming pools, spas and/or hot tubs. There is a component known as a chlorinator cell that is typically made from titanium that creates a chemical reaction through the use of electrolysis. This chemical reaction generates chlorine from the salt water and is fed back into the pool (this is a very simple explanation, for a more detailed explanation check out this Wiki Page). The beauty of this system is that the salt is not actually consumed from the water thus removing the need to continuously add salt to the water. They were originally mostly used in Australia and then taken up by New Zealand and now they’re catching on in the US.

This website is not only a different to the style of websites we normally look at, but it also is based on a different platform. Most sites nowadays are based on WordPress, however this site is built using Fresh Store Builder, a product designed to build sites specialising in selling Amazon products.

Each product that has been added has been carefully researched and detailed information has been provided for each product on the website. Only products that have positive ratings and reviews on Amazon have been selected for the site. This is to ensure that the site is only responsible for selling quality products and customers can rest assured products bought through the site are of the highest quality. This also explains why there is a relatively low number of products on the site compared to some sites that have 100’s of products.

Articles have been written for the purposes of providing information to the consumer about how chlorinators work, and how to maintain them, also reasons why to use one.

For those visitors who don’t wish to read too much text, there is a very basic/simple video on the home page that outlines the benefits of using a chlorine generator.

All in all, the site is probably not the most prettiest site but it is certainly easy navigate, and the articles are very informative.

Roof Restoration Newcastle - Roof Restoration is proud to present Roof Restoration Newcastle’s website. Located in Australia’s most populated state of New South Wales, Newcastle is it’s second largest city.

Local roofing company, Roof Restoration Newcastle developed their website (click here to visit their website) to expand their already thriving roofing business. Newcastle is geographically a large area so they already have teams of roofers on the road. The business simply decided they have a great model and to grow.

And wow, what a website. Straight up on landing on the homepage you are presented with a closeup of a house and its colorbond roof with a background of a wonderful clear blue sky. This gives a welcoming feeling and the visitor immediate feels they are in the right place. The phone number has been placed in the top right hand corner on the blue sky background making it stand out and easy to find. If the visitor wants to call, they’ll find the phone number and call without any friction – meaning the website will achieve more phone calls and thus meet the goals of the business owners.

If the visitor is not inclined in to call, then above the fold a simple contact us form is present on the home page. The visitor is welcomed to fill in the form as it is inviting with a soft-blue background.

A slight scroll down the home page and the visitor is presented with a list of services that the roofing company provides. If you’re living in Newcastle and need a roofer, this company has you covered.

Services provided by Roof Restoration Newcastle include;

  • Roof restorations
  • Roof replacements
  • Roof repairs
  • Roof cleaning and roof painting
  • Roof inspections / reporting
  • Metal and colorbond roof repairs
  • Gutter replacements and installations.

Following the list of services, the visitor is presented with some further detailed information on who they are, why a roof restoration is needed, roof restoration costs and timeframe expectations. Within minutes a visitor can ascertain that this company knows what they’re doing and be able to make an educated decision on engaging their services.

A frequently answered questions (FAQs) page has been created to further help a visitor understand the process of engaging this roofing company and exists to provide information about roofing matters. Such matters include defining what a roof restoration is, reasons to get a roof restoration, roof restoration costs, and information on roof replacements.

The FAQs page conveniently includes a YouTube video for visitors requiring further overview information. In addition, should the visitor have questions and queries, a contact form has been placed on the page right under the video.

Here’s the video for those interested in seeing a simple, effective video made to help site visitors; rates this site an effective mechanism for both business owner and visitor to connect and conduct business.

Roof Restoration Geelong - Roof Restoration GeelongLocal roofing business, Roof Restoration Geelong, had a website created to ensure they kept with the times and their competitors. Many trades and services businesses can be slow to adapt to newer technology which can severely impact their businesses. Roof Restoration Geelong became awake to this fact and quickly moved to do something about it.

The website features are simple yet effective. Components are placed strategically on the website to help a visitor accomplish the goal of calling the business. For example, the phone number is easily found being displayed in multiple locations on most pages. The phone number also features click to call functionality for the majority of visitors that view the site from a mobile device.

Upon landing on the homepage, a prominent banner very quickly tells the visitor where they’re at and what the website is about. This clear message to the visitor allows them to confirm they have found what they’re looking for in a split second.

A map of Geelong and the roofing service area shows visitors if they are within the service area of the business. The homepage features a picture of a Geelong landmark below the map which makes visitors feel familiar and reinforces the local aspect.

This site features a YouTube video on the homepage – a very nifty move to help visitors who would prefer to watch an overview/about video rather than read the text.

A very easy and simple Contact Form exists on the Contact page that allow visitors who do not wish to call a simple method to get in contact with the business. The form can easily be submitted in a minute or less.

The site does a great job of conveying what services Roof Restoration Geelong provides. Amongst their major service of restoring roofs, other services they provide include;

  • Roof replacements
  • New roofs
  • Roof restorations
  • Roof cleaning
  • Roof painting
  • Gutter & downpipe installations
  • Roof assessment & reporting
  • Metal roofs & colorbond roofs
  • Tiled, terracotta roofs

The team at Roof Restoration Geelong provide great service and even offer free inspections and quotes. Hard to beat. Great business, great local website.

Visit their website at

Image Credit: By Marcus Wong Wongm (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Mortgage Broker Central Coast - Mortgage Broker Central CoastThis post discusses local business Mortgage Broker Central Coast and its website. Founded in 2015, Mortgage Broker Central Coast delivers mortgage services to the residents of the Central Coast which is located in New South Wales Australia.

The website is built using WordPress and utilising the Pagelines DMS framework/theme. There are many mortgage brokers on the Central Coast and it is vital for business success that the website is visible to searchers and people looking for mortgage services. The site has been optimised to perform well in search engine results and so far is nearly at the top.

Most internet searches nowadays are being performed using a mobile device and the Mortgage Broker Central Coast website has been optimised for enhanced visual display on a smart phone featuring click-to-call phone numbers.

In addition, the website makes it easy for the visitor to understand what the business is about and allows the user to make a fast decision about contacting the business. This is achieved by clear presentation and straight-to-the-point information. The site also offers a very simple and basic mortgage repayment calculator.

On the website, you will find a map depicting the service area of the business which is important information to provide visitors. The business’s phone number is prevalent throughout the website allowing the visitor to easily call once they’ve made that decision to get in contact.

Mortgage Broker Central Coast specialises in residential mortgages and property investment on the Central Coast. Additional services and products include;

  • First Home Buyers advice and applications
  • Low Deposit home loans
  • Low-Doc or non-conforming home loans
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Commercial loans
  • Debt consolidation and financial planning
  • Mortgage reduction strategies

The business offers a mobile service and the staff are happy to meet their clients at any place and mostly anytime, including after hours and on weekends. In addition, the service provided is free to the client as the mortgage broker gets paid by the lender.

Most clients can be pre-qualified quite quickly within the first meeting. This means that the mortgage broker can advise the client of their opinion whether they are suitable for the mortgage they are seeking. This reduces wasted time and increases approval rates as applications are only lodged when the mortgage broker believes it will be successful.

All in all, an effective website that delivers on it’s goal of giving a local business an internet presence and making it easy for customers to find them.